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Making Dreams
Come True

Whether the newly formed band, working out the kinks of harmonizing together; the choreographer, practicing moves for a yet- to-come dance company; the young one, starring in the mirror repeating over and over again a rhyme to get just the right vocal inflection or the powerful seasoned singer, standing on a stage visualizing a heartfelt, intimate conversation with a stadium full of hungry souls.

In each case, NUYONI Artists share the same dedication: Make fabulous creations that break open the heart allowing us to truly see what is and acknowledge what has been, but mostly they offer their creations to live into love, peace & well-being for all.​

NUYONI senses the readiness of the artists.

The artists will feel the pull to NUYONI.

We will find each other.

  • Turning a Vision into Fire:
    360 Development

    NUYONI Artist Development & Production falls in four categories:

  • Craft Development

    In the root of the word “craft” we find strength and skill. In order to bring ones artistic craft to fullest expression, there is always practice.

    For NUYONI artists, their practice will be guided by a more experienced practitioner…someone who has walked further down the road. The craft development offered through NUYONI are one-on-one coaching sessions, on-line courses where several artists are invited to learn together and on occasion, NUYONI artists will be featured in the bi-annual NUYONI Multi-Media Productions.

  • Project Development

    Whether a full-length album or one specific dance number, NUYONI artists are supported toward a finished project ~ a particular offering to the world.

    NUYONI will most often be the executive producer, supporting projects financially.​

  • Business Coaching

    NUYONI artists will be offered courses that explore and advise in: How to do business in a way that is both wise, strategic and that holds integrity; while also healing the wounds inflicted through centuries of exploitation. We will be learning together, ever developing a new way of being in right relationship regarding the exchange of resources.

    Our goal is to honor ourselves as deserving artists, be well-schooled in the ways of the marketplace AND pave the way for new, heart-centered and non-oppressive ways of resource-exchange within our specific art industry.

  • Spiritual/Emotional Deepening​

    Each NUYONI artist is assigned a Guide for Spiritual & Emotional Grounding. As the offerings coming through NUYONI artists bring liberatory expressions forth, they themselves require close attention to their own inner lives.

    NUYONI Guides sit with the artist monthly for a check in and focused release of any blockages that might interrupt the flow to wholeness.​


NUYONI is excited to welcome Lela Aisha Jones as the Lead Choreographer for our inaugural events and music videos. Lela will also work to support NUYONI Artist Development- focusing on stage presence, ignition, and dance.

Lela Aisha Jones is an interdisciplinary movement performance artist and collaborator (media, sound, dance, text), a community-grounded organizer/curator, and the Founding Director of Lela Aisha Jones | FlyGround. A proud Tallahassee, Florida native, her work intimately and artistically archives the lived experiences of diasporic blackness by intertwining and reflecting upon personal histories and fertilizing an impetus to create cultural memories consciously through embodied and collaborative artistry. Learn more about Lela’s soul work and life gifts on her website.


NUYONI is so blessed to be joined by Greg Radford to support Artist Development and Music Production. 

Greg says, “God has provided me with the “Gift of Music”. The Gift of Music has provided me the opportunity to see the World. Seeing the World lets me know “THERE IS A GOD”.

Greg’s credits are too numerous to include here.  He has produced, programmed, and composed over 30 years for a wide range of artists including Jon Lucien, Kay-Gee’s and La Toya Jackson. Greg has produced a number of the recordings on Niyonu’s album, Spirit Fuel.  Explore his 30 year discography  here.


If you are interested in becoming a NUYONI ARTIST or have
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