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  • Diane Spann

    Diane Spann (Dedae’ Patrise) is an original artist/singer from Newark, NJ that describes her musical flavor to be, R&B/FUNK/SOUL driven at the bottom, with a “jazzy influenced melody” on top. She likes to call it “Jaz-zay”.

    After many years of NYC-based and international performances she moved to her current gigs singing and touring with both the original Shirelles and with The Righteous Brothers. Diane was an original And founding member of Tribe 1 where her songs were featured. Her lyrics and harmonies move the soul on the deepest levels.

    NUYONI is excited to feature Diane’s voice, songwriting, record production and artist development.

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  • Reverend Rhetta Morgan

    Rev. Rhetta’s work encompasses the intersections of spirituality, activism, and creativity, with an intention to contribute to bringing about a more just world. She has performed internationally and in ’09 became an ordained Interfaith minister.

    Rev. Rhetta is very active in the Philadelphia area, using music she writes and sings to inspire and heal. Some of her most meaningful work is mentoring and counseling activist leaders, encouraging self-care and what she calls a spiritual toolbox to aid and manage despair, overwhelm and depression.

    NUYONI is blessed to add her powerful, smokey and fiercely dynamic voice through which Rev. Rhetta unleashes truth and exudes a sweet, restorative balm.

  • Ingrid Lakey

    If you are in the Philly activist community, you may already know Ingrid Lakey.  She lives a life that embodies the NUYONI Vision – “honoring ancestors, connecting to Spirit, living joyously, bringing sound healing & liberation.”

    Ingrid brings such powerful vocals that it is hard to believe she has been singing part-time.  She was a founding member of Tribe 1, a band that ran for 23 years, closing out in 2017.  Ingrid wrote and did lead vocals on, “I Am Looking,” a favorite from Tribe 1’s second CD, “Waymaker.”

    Ingrid is a singer’s singer whether bringing that full chest voice or floating high above with a beautifully lyrical soprano.   Music travels with Ingrid in her deep commitment to justice and her firm foundation in community.  NUYONI promises to introduce this amazing voice to many new fans, near and far.

  • Paul Bryant Hudson

    Paul hit the stage for the first time at the age of 3.  He credits his grandmother with introducing him to the love of music.  Music has followed him or shall we say has burst through him ever since.  Whether singing with high school bands or gigging throughout college, Paul has continually honed his crafts as singer and songwriter.

    Paul brings hip-hop, jazz fusion vocals.  He toured as a background singer and moved gradually into composition with film scoring which took him international. When he returned in 2017 he was able to focus full-time in music.  Paul has curated shows which feature many local artists in his hometown of New Haven, CT.

    Paul is an amazing vocal artist.  He has a great range with a smooth and agile approach that camouflages the craziest vocals to appear simple.  It takes clarity of purpose and strength in identity to be the only male-identified NUYONI Singer.  That is Paul – full of purpose, humility and strength.  He promises to stretch us with his vocals, his songwriting, his passionate performances and most assuredly, his true heart!

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