Performances & Events - Nuyoni


  • The Living Room Experience
    30 – 100 ppl

    These experimental, revivalist, performances are best suited for living room spaces, cozy healing spaces, and small music/theater spaces.

    ​In community we will sing and dance together, witness and affirm one another, there will be stories shared, heart listening, and healing release.

  • The Multi-Media Experience​
    300+ ppl

    ​These multimedia experiences integrate dance, theater, voice, music, visual arts and digital technologies.

    These creations will explore spirit, discernment, power, belonging, and invite spontaneous collective creations.

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NUYONI invites tribal relations to deepen trust and to join together co-demolish ancient body shackles and interrupt those who have long controlled our minds. Our creative offerings lift the veils of illusion that we could ever live without her, that serve up lies of separation, that block the flow of spirit blood. Ah, let it flow now through the music, through the dance, through the drum opening the canals through which we’ve all been born in wholeness!