Spirit Fuel: Reflection Bowl - Nuyoni
Spirit Fuel: Reflection Bowl

Reflection Bowls are glazed in a variety of colors in the blue/green/yellow range. With the Reflection Bowl you will also receive a 5″ round mirror and a tea light candle.
Designed and created by Lisa Graustein.


Notes from the artists

LISA GRAUSTEIN – All of Nuyoni’s songs offer powerful wisdom born of commitment, deep reflection, and connection to Spirit. Reflection bowls are designed to engage all the senses & elements in your regular practice of prayer, meditation, and intention-setting. The bowls can hold water, rock, a candle, botanicals, a shell – whatever helps you call in and hold the energies you need. The slots at the back can hold a mirror, photograph, Tarot card, or some other image or words you need to keep centered. What is the altar you need today? How is Spirit guiding you to slow down and pause? How are your ancestors inviting you into deeper connection and knowingness? Sit down, look into the mirror, what is it you see?