Focus & Fire: Tiger Eye Amulet - Nuyoni
Focus & Fire: Tiger Eye Amulet

Chain length – 20”
Tiger Eye, Copper

All of the jewelry in the Spirit Fuel line is custom-made to order by Black Stone Alchemy. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your adornment to be created and sent to you.


Notes from the artists

NIYONU – Focus and Fire ~ says it all.  While so many cling to familiar ways, based in separation and domination, there are those of us yearning for and determined to build peaceful, wholesome and joyous community.  Focus and Fire sings out the necessary elements – a guidebook – for changemakers creating liberation throughout the world.
Tiger Eye is a fire element gemstone known for its solar energy, bringing joy and carrying the frequency of taking action. This stone removes seeds of doubt and inspires perseverance. May this amulet bestow the wearer with creativity, unconditional love, and bliss.