I Can See: Three Stone Amulet - Nuyoni
I Can See: Three Stone Amulet

Chain length – 20”
Labradorite, Kyanite, and Herkimer Diamond amulet.

All of the jewelry in the Spirit Fuel line is custom-made to order by Black Stone Alchemy.Please allow 2-3 weeks for your adornment to be created and sent to you.


Notes from the artists

NIYONU – Is this the information age or the mis-information age? I believe that both are true. I believe that we are given the ability to discern~to go within, to listen deeply, to open our senses allowing spiritual guidance. As we are bombarded with highly charged stimuli our attention is being pulled further and further away from our internal and ancestral ways of knowing. This song affirms our birthright: We Can See Through Illusion.
AINA – Labradorite- Magician’s stone used to see beyond the mundane. Kyanite- Opens psychic channels, activating the mind center and enhances one’s ability to download information from higher sources- green – connection with natural systems. Herkimer Diamond- amplifier and cleanses the stones it is placed with, clears vision.